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rileydaughterofra: tyse-has-unpopular-opinions: juxtapoesition: oistrong: I’m all for fighting for marriage equality in the LGBT community. But we’re so focused on that no one knows about this problem. W…wait Thats a thing???? Yep! The man I refer to as my husband? We aren’t actually married. We can’t be. If I married him, the government would literally […]

Hey able-bodied people! Let me explain something to you: Disabilities are fucking exhausting. So just because sometimes I can do something, it doesn’t mean I always can. You can walk. But if one day you have to walk five miles extra, you might not be so keen to go for a fucking stroll the next […]

My dude, @simonalkenmayer…helping an awkward nonbinary blind kid to be a femme fatal. I had no idea they made stamps. I am now totally on this. 

daltries: maybe i’m wrong but??? disabled people sometimes need help??? and everyone should be okay with that??? for example: i am disabled. have two abled siblings. we are all adults; they’re a lot older than me. my siblings both have children. i get a lot of assistance from our parents. right now, i can’t work. […]

Abled person, staring at my cane: what happened to you Me: I’m a plot device to show you the meaning of Christmas, Brenda, God bless us, every fucking one

Ok I just read your post about the bullshit you had to experience in school because of your disability and honestly??? You’re my freaking hero. You’re a damn legend and the fact that you’re still standing tall and proud after all that is just so inspiring and amazing I love you

Omg you’re sweet. Thanks so much. This post is going to turn into a PSA LOL It’s funny because it still happens every damn day. Like I can always name at least one instance of someone being a prick to me over my disability, and all you can really do is make a decision. Which […]

Tonight, I had a breakdown This happens with disabililities, when you realize something is only going to get worse, and put you farther behind, and you’re going to always have to fight to be ten times better than people around you suspect, just to meet their expectations of a normal person. For a while, I’ve […]

I wanna tell you a story

This is a story of how assholes in the workplace can fuck with ADA compliance Let me make this pretty fucking clear, first as a prologue to this story A disability isn’t just the actual thing wrong with you. It’s the anxiety that goes along with being stuck, the fear of having an episode, the […]

colorfully-ms-g: kristinalmeister: PSA in dealing with blindness or the partially sighted So those who know me know I lost my vision at 14 due to some freak immune system issues (I’ve talked about it on here) but that I still function. In fact, if I didn’t tell you I had a giant hole where your […]