Kristina Meister is an author of fiction that blurs genre. There’s usually some myth, some mayhem, and some monsters. While Kristina’s unique voice and creative swearing give life to dialogue, her obsession with folklore and pop culture make for humor and complexity. 
She and her mad-scientist husband live in California with their poodles Khan and Lana, and their daughter Kira Stormageddon, where they hoard Nerf toys, books, and swords—in case of zombie apocalypse.

2 comments on “Bio

  1. Hello Kristina, I found you. I am your fellow juror, who had to be pardoned from court early, due to my job in seeing my clients through their open enrollments. Remember me? I find your book excerpts intriguing. I will be looking into them soon. I turned my son-in-law onto your books as well. Hope all is going well with your jury duties. Diana (the woman with the blue blouse on the first day of our jury summons:)

    • Yes of course! Hello! I’m glad you found me! Both books I. The trilogy are available in electronic form on amazon, etc. if you’re looking to purchase a hard copy, you can do so at Journalstone.com just type in my name and it should pop up! I hope you and your son enjoy!

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