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Managing Social Media, With Enough Time To Write

Managing Social Media, With Enough Time To Write

For years, I have slogged through the swamp of managing social media. What sites should I be on? What kinds of things do I need to be posting? How often? And how can it possibly take this long? Well, I’m happy to say I have at least discovered some of those answers. The truth is, […]

How and Why Should I use Twitter?: An Argument Within a Tutorial

As I’ve said in previous entries, I seem to have been designated an unofficial arguer for the use of modern technology in the publishing industry, just by virtue of how many times I have either been paid to help someone set up their Twitter account, or by the number of times I have had to […]

Interfacing with Technology: Using Technology to help your Writing Succeed

It seems like every time I go to a publishing event, I end up having at least three versions of the same conversation about the use of technology in the world of writing. This is probably due to the fact that my smartphone is glued to my hand; either that or my pact with the […]