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Check out this great review! Thanks to Kathy, who made me smile!

Check out this great review!

Thanks to Kathy, who made me smile!

I can see why women are tired of being underprivileged, disenfranchised, belittled, and oppressed. I comprehend that in very deep ways. I can also comprehend why they would be aggressive, defensive, forceful, or adamant about preserving their rights or reclaiming their autonomy. I can see why they wouldn’t give a damn what men think about […]

I love my husband

kristinalmeister: kristinalmeister: But god damn do I feel like picking up a hot girl – thick, thin, tall, short, blonde, brunette or ginger – in a club and getting crazy for a night. You know what I mean? Sex doesn’t need to be a thing. I just wanna dance and make out and bully the […]

So this happened!

I’d like to talk about the press releases for Cinderella Boy

Because apparently some people took issue with how the book was described – by people who aren’t me – let me go over that with you. The book was described in press releases as a “gender-bending” love story of fairytale retell. I did not choose that terminology. It was chosen by a team of people, […]

You said in a comment on your book that Cinderella Boy was based on your story. Can you tell me what you mean? Like did that stuff happen to you or did you mean a romantic story?

*cue the music from Princess Bride* Alright kids, settle in…Let Anti-Kris (what my niece calls me) tell you a story…It’s a story of love, of adventure, of personal discovery…It might be long, but I hope it will be worth it. I’ve known for much of my life that I was not “normal”. When I was […]

Hey guys!!! If you’ve read my LGBTQ+ YA romance, Cinderella Boy, can you do me a favor and update your Goodreads profiles? It would be so nice if you’d leave reviews both on the book and on the Goodreads site. It would be so awesome to keep the book visible, at least until the second […]

Cinderella Boy is on Tapas’ Top Ten!!! Thanks so much guys!

simonalkenmayer: kristinalmeister: simonalkenmayer: kristinalmeister: simonalkenmayer: kristinalmeister: Bit of a cover tease with this banner! 😉 Oh! I like that. Is that the paintball gun? Yup! They’ve done a good job! How’s the other bit coming? Have the lawyers picked it clean like a horde of finely tailored locusts? Lmao Hush up! Spoilers! My life is […]