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Ok I just read your post about the bullshit you had to experience in school because of your disability and honestly??? You’re my freaking hero. You’re a damn legend and the fact that you’re still standing tall and proud after all that is just so inspiring and amazing I love you

Omg you’re sweet. Thanks so much. This post is going to turn into a PSA LOL It’s funny because it still happens every damn day. Like I can always name at least one instance of someone being a prick to me over my disability, and all you can really do is make a decision. Which […]

Tonight, I had a breakdown This happens with disabililities, when you realize something is only going to get worse, and put you farther behind, and you’re going to always have to fight to be ten times better than people around you suspect, just to meet their expectations of a normal person. For a while, I’ve […]