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grugz: naik2g: grugz: the-darkest-of-lights: zi0dyne: roar104: durkin62: sizvideos: Video If this shits cheap I’m buying 20 pounds of it and making cosplay armor. Pics of some finished shit? I remember this stuff in product design class. Best shit ever. It would be great for amulets and talismans. is this good for anything but nerd activities […]

This is my headless Mysterious Stranger costume. It’s kind of hard to see but the upper half is entirely made out of plastic and Clay, and is a suit of armor mirroring the French style. The costume is a representation of the claymation character the mysterious stranger, from the claymation movie made in the 80s […]

Some of my cos-play creations over the years. @simonalkenmayer has been bugging me to post these. All my best photos seem to be on other people’s phones, so I don’t really have them. The top two are I have a dress I made for Dickens fair, The central one is the costume I was commissioned […]

Stenciling on Leather or Vinyl Furniture with Rub n’Restore

As some of you may know from tracking my blog, I am an avid costume maker and DIY fanatic. It was while doing research for a common costume dillema (how to make second hand leather or vinyl pieces match an existing costume color scheme) that I encountered this wonderful product. Rub n’ Restire has been […]

The Mysterious Stranger Costume Build; Part 8: Shoulder guards

In honor of Halloween…This is the final piece of your costume!!  Yay! SHOULDER GUARDS: Materials: package of small balloons (can be purchased at dollar store, walgreens, etc. tons of newspaper or brown paper bags white glue or wood glue (sturdier) 2 small bowls resin two heavy duty lengths of cord about three inches in length […]

Mysterious Stranger Costume Build; Part 7: Gorget, or Neck Armor

This piece is the round plate that fits over the breastplate and wraps around the neck. In the claymation, this piece of armor is solid, however, when I attempted to make a solid piece, it strangled me, so I found another way of doing it that looks solid, but is flexible enough so that you […]

The Mysterious Stranger Costume Build; Part 5: Masks and Staff

This is an ideal for any costume requiring a mask, like a carnival or masquerade costume. the staff can be used with any mask, and can be painted any color! So if you need to learn how to build a mask, this is the place! If you’re here for the Mysterious Stranger Costume, you may […]