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simonalkenmayer: kristinalmeister: simonalkenmayer: kristinalmeister: simonalkenmayer: kristinalmeister: Bit of a cover tease with this banner! 😉 Oh! I like that. Is that the paintball gun? Yup! They’ve done a good job! How’s the other bit coming? Have the lawyers picked it clean like a horde of finely tailored locusts? Lmao Hush up! Spoilers! My life is […]

The San Francisco Writer’s Conference LGBTQ+ “Pop-up” Conference

Some of you may know me as an intern and assistant to Laurie McLean, co-director of the San Francisco Writer’s Conference, the SFWC Foundation, and a founding Partner of Fuse Literary Agency. Some of you may know me as a published author. Some of you may know me as the freelance editor of Simon Alkenmayer’s […]

There Is No Try: Why Writers Fail

Since the San Francisco Writer’s Conference (something that always gets me thinking about my writing process) I’ve been considering the intellectual side of writing as a profession. How can an author go from a hobbyist that happens to get an occasional review or fanmail, to someone making a living at producing literature? It’s a very critical […]