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Cinderella Boy, released July 2

Hello everyone! I wanted to give you a heads up that I have the release date for the book! Beginning a few days ahead of time, there will be a blog tour and some other nifty things going on, so if you’d like to support the release, follow me on Twitter and you’ll probably get […]

Cover Reveal Contest Winner!

And the winner is! User @anditookthepathlesstraveled! They will receive a lovely copy of my latest release, Cinderella Boy Which debuts soon via Riptide Publishing! Thank you to all those who participated!

My Cover Reveal Contest

Reblog this post with a screencap of your favorite book of last year! I need new material to read anyway! Once you’ve participated with a reblog, I will put your name in a hat. I will reveal the cover of my book when I announce the winner at 12pm PST on April 12 2018. The […]

I’m really tired of the pronoun question

I get it a lot about Declan’s character. “Why would you give Dex male pronouns if he’s trans?” So allow me to go through the very conscious decisions I made as a storyteller. He isn’t trans. Or at least not that said in the strict definition. When the book begins, Declan is confused and believes […]

Today is a big day for me

It was just announced that my book Cinderella Boy, available via the Tapas App, is the first book in RuPaul’s Love Yourself Library…and I’m nauseous with excitement and dread and a bunch of other things. Here’s the Press Release… http://bit.ly/2qL6Cnk I’m freaking out you guys.

Can you talk about how your gender/sexuality was accepted by your parents?

LOL Wow. Okay. Short breakdown of my family history. My mom and dad met in gradeschool. My mom was accelerated by two years and so she met my dad at 12 when he was 14. They got married. Not the best idea. My dad was a catholic raised atheist who became a cop. My mom […]

simonalkenmayer: youcantseebutimmakingaface: simonalkenmayer: kristinalmeister: Like…I get you not liking sex in a book but dude…people have sex. And also, that was in like chapter eight or something. Which means you stayed up reading it past the lock point because you thought it was worth reading. But all of a sudden, with a “gay sex act” […]