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Hey able-bodied people!

Let me explain something to you:

Disabilities are fucking exhausting. So just because sometimes I can do something, it doesn’t mean I always can.

You can walk. But if one day you have to walk five miles extra, you might not be so keen to go for a fucking stroll the next day.

Disabilities are by their very nature, inconsistent. Do NOT think you know what your disabled friend or family member is dealing with. You cannot assume they’ll be up to anything. Ask! It’s not difficult. Just lean over and say “Hey, is this cool today?”

And if they say no, don’t get bent ipsy of shape. Just be compassionate.dont ask them if it’s cool in front of a group of people! It makes them feel pressured and like they have to say yes. Just take them aside.

Please. It’s appreciated. Especially if your friend has an invisible illness or disability.

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