The best way to contact Kristina is to comment on her blog, or join her on Twitter!

9 comments on “Contact

  1. i have just found the site for goodreads.com and i got your book the one we feed #2. how can get book #1 and is there more.

    • Just go to amazon and type in “Craving” and “Kristina Meister” and you should be able to find it. If you’re looking for hard copy, go to Journalstone.com and search on their website. Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

    • Oh and the third one is not yet published.

  2. When is the next one coming out (part 3)

  3. When is the third one coming out?

  4. Hi, I really liked your book “cinderella boy”. I was wondering if you or anyone knows a book that’s kinda similar to Cinderella boy? It’s really interesting that I want to read more like it. How the boy who doesn’t know who he really is but knows what he wants. Also how he dresses up as a girl to figure out that he is both the girl and the boy of him. Recommendations?

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