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Nightmare Before Christmas Nursery on a Budget!

Some people get this idea, some people have been skeptical, but here it is, and it is wonderful. Kids need a little spooky, to help them imagine the world with all its shadows lit up.  They only fear what we teach them to fear. This is a room for all you kids born in the […]

Stenciling on Leather or Vinyl Furniture with Rub n’Restore

As some of you may know from tracking my blog, I am an avid costume maker and DIY fanatic. It was while doing research for a common costume dillema (how to make second hand leather or vinyl pieces match an existing costume color scheme) that I encountered this wonderful product. Rub n’ Restire has been […]

Making a Recycled Art Deco Inspired Light Fixture

Making a Recycled Art Deco Inspired Light Fixture

To make this spiffy light fixture, I trolled the estate sales and thrift stores and party supply stores for only a few items. What You’ll need: – embroidery hoops of different sizes, no two the same. This will allow them to nest. You can do this with other round cast off items, but I chose […]