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Me, a guest blogger?

Hey everyone! I did a guest blog spot on My Fiction Nook where I talk about how important it is to change how we think about our writing, especially when we are editing!

Y’all, editing sex scenes is DIFFICULT

Like…I love my editor with Riptide, May Peterson. Seriously. I love her. I wanna meet her and have like coffee and a deep conversation (assuming she can stand me), but OMG how do romance authors do this? Sex is an uncomfortable thing for me. I was sexually assaulted, I’ve queer in every way since I […]

The San Francisco Writer’s Conference!!! I am here, dudes, and it is so awesome to hang out with kindred souls! These are my peeps! Amazing conversation, good food, ideas all around, and intellectual politics! I look forward to this every year. Thank so much for being around and for being amazing, writers and industry professionals […]


Like if I knew how much my writing career was going to writing about my writing career, writing about my writing, writing about writing, and writing about how all of those things impact my writing… I would probably have never written. Why can’t I just write and let it speak for itself? WHY?????

The San Francisco Writer’s Conference LGBTQ+ “Pop-up” Conference

Some of you may know me as an intern and assistant to Laurie McLean, co-director of the San Francisco Writer’s Conference, the SFWC Foundation, and a founding Partner of Fuse Literary Agency. Some of you may know me as a published author. Some of you may know me as the freelance editor of Simon Alkenmayer’s […]

Do We Still Need Grammar?: Form and Function For the New Writer

This is a topic with many layers, and I’m sure that some people will argue with me, but that’s fine. Hear me out. We writers live in an altered head-space. There’s this whole other world in which we dwell where the function of a piece is more often the goal, and the form can just […]

There Is No Try: Why Writers Fail

Since the San Francisco Writer’s Conference (something that always gets me thinking about my writing process) I’ve been considering the intellectual side of writing as a profession. How can an author go from a hobbyist that happens to get an occasional review or fanmail, to someone making a living at producing literature? It’s a very critical […]

Interfacing with Technology: Using Technology to help your Writing Succeed

It seems like every time I go to a publishing event, I end up having at least three versions of the same conversation about the use of technology in the world of writing. This is probably due to the fact that my smartphone is glued to my hand; either that or my pact with the […]