RuPaul’s Love Yourself Library

Guess whose book was just named the first volume in the library!!! I’m so excited. And kind of sick to my stomach, to be honest! You can read the Press Release here! Guess it’s time to write the next one. Damn.

My new book Cinderella Boy

Check out the press release for my latest offering! This story is very close to my heart, touching upon many elements from my childhood and my personal journey. I’m very glad that it’s doing so well on the Tapas app and I’m very thankful that it already has something of a following.

The Muslim Ban

I’m going to give you some perspective. My husband is a professor at a university. He has graduate students who work in his lab. One of them in particular, is a very nice and extremely intelligent young man. He comes from Iran, and his family was once quite political in opposition to the current regime. […]

The mind of a cos-player

This was great for seeing behind the mind of a costume maker! Creating Character with Costume Design—Arianne Phillips Shares Her Secrets

DIY Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

:My mom is doing something amazing:    This mat is made entirely of plastic grocery bags that she crocheted. It is water resistant, soft, insect-proof, and light weight. The bags are entirely donated. She is making them for homeless people to use as sleeping mats. They can be layered, provide insulation from the cold ground, […]

Who Do We Think We Are? -an argument against Supreme Court dissenters against marriage equality

The Supreme Court’s dissenting arguments against same sex marriage are so logically flawed it’s ridiculous, and largely consist of vitriolic embroideries of a) we can’t redefine a legal institution by asserting people have the right to equal treatment, b) lots of people don’t like this idea and you’d be taking away their right to debate […]

How To Create a Form Query Letter That Won’t Get Automatically Rejected.

How To Create a Form Query Letter That Won’t Get Automatically Rejected.

Agents and Editors always seem to reply in form letters. Have you noticed? If not, I’m hoping it is because  you haven’t sent out any queries yet. Good. That means you’ll have read this before making an ironic but critical mistake that many hopeful writers make: creating a form query letter that you believe will be universal, but […]