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I can see why women are tired of being underprivileged, disenfranchised, belittled, and oppressed. I comprehend that in very deep ways. I can also comprehend why they would be aggressive, defensive, forceful, or adamant about preserving their rights or reclaiming their autonomy. I can see why they wouldn’t give a damn what men think about that. I can see why they would want to remove stigma from the female body and champion the normalizing of womanhood.

The problem I have with the entire TERF ideology is the innate hypocrisy of it. How can you stand there and scream that a person should not be judged and oppressed for their biological parts, and then judge and mock someone for their biological parts? How can you say that women deserve to be equal with men (rightly) and then denounce biological females who present as or transition to male? How can you, with a bold face, discuss the policing of your gender and then turn around and police your gender, defining what it should and shouldn’t look like? How can you assert that your own journey through your gender and identity is valid, while robbing someone of their right to experience their gender as a journey, coming about in phases of understanding and self-searching?

This world isn’t “everybody for their own”. It’s everybody for the progress of life and thought. Otherwise, it is everyone for nothing that amounts to anything. Everyone must be free or none of us are. Conditional freedom is not freedom. Conditional respect is not respect. Conditional decorum is not decorum.

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