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The Mysterious Stranger Costume Build Tutorial; Part 4: Gloves

In order to make these gloves, you will need to buy a pair of gloves that fit you. It’s best if they are cheap, made of satin or some kind of polyester. I bought a pair of elbow length prom gloves in red from a site on ebay for five bucks, shipping included.


  • gloves (you can make your own instead of purchasing. i found several great patterns online for free, but thought that it looked a bit tedious and would require a machine that could get in itty-bitty nooks and crannies, but if you are ambitious, I’m anxious to see the results!)
  • red paint rom your stockpile for the costume (DO NOT USE premized colors. use only squeezy tube acrylic paint or spray paint if you can find a matching shade
  • sculpey light weight bakeable clay
  • exacto knife
  • oven
  • foil
  • cloth to * glue (the * means everything. this glue costs about 5-7 bucks a tube and STINKS. It also gives you chemical burns, incidentally, so be careful
  • cooking sheet
  • vinyl gloves, two pair
This is a complicated project piece. You will get bogged down in the tedium. You will throw something across the room. You will be frustrated, so put your big kid pants on and take a deep breath.
You will be making foil forms of pieces of your hand, placing clay over the top of these, removing them and then baking them, so it will be obnoxious and you may need more hands.
  1. Roll out a thin squarish piece of clay the size of the back of your hand minus your thumb area (thicker is a bit better, but not too thick or you will not be able to move your hands and you want to be able to, so no bigger than a 1.4″
  2. create a thick, several layer piece of foil that is the exact dimmension of the back of your hand and form it to that area.
  3. sculpt the clay. taper the wrist-ward portion, round the knuckles
  4. using extra clay, build up the knuckles, make sure they hang a bit over the natural knuckle of your hand, just so that when you later flex your fingers, the gap is covered a bit more
  5. using a paintbrush or pen, creat grooves on the back of the hand in a latice pattern
  6. on the edge closest to your wrist, create jagged teeth. Be sure these do not extend into the crease of your wrist, because when you flex your hand, you want free movement, and do not want the teeth to snap off
  7. pick up the scuplted piece and lay it on the back of your hand on top of the foil form.
  8. place the hand-back on its foil frame, on the cookie sheet, careful to make sure that the foil shape kepps its shape, so that the clay will lay snuggly on your hand when it is baked. To di this, pile a little foil ball beneath it to make sure it retained its curve.
  9. make the thumb plate as shown. This too should be created over a foil substrate, so that it bakes in the proper shape
  10. Now we come to the obnoxious part. Cover your finger in foil. i started with my thumb. I simply made a finger case out of foil, then removed it from my inger to make a free standing metal thumb. Less foil and smoother coverage is best.
  11. form clay over this foil finger, covering the whole thing. It’s better, at this stage to have more clay than less clay TRUST ME
  12. Do this for every finger
  13. bake the pieces, following your clay’s instructions
  14. when the pieces are finished and cool, take a set of needle nose pliers and remove all the foil from the inside of the finger casts, careful not to pull out chunks of clay. The smoother the surface of your foil, the less clay chunks will pull loose.
  15. put on the red gloves that will be the base for the finished piece and slip the finger cast over it. If it doesnt fit, carve and sand the inside of the cast until it slips on easily. This is important, because these pieces will be glued to these under-gloves, so you MUST be able to get the casts on OVER the gloves.
  16. using the exacto knife, cut finger cast at every joint of your finger, being careful not to cut the gloves or your hands. For every finger but the thumb, you should have three segments.
  17. Now comes the cool part. You want to be able to articulate these fingers, so the under side will be narower than the top side. Just put on the finger pieces and bend your fingers and you’ll see how they need to be shaved and cut to allow you to flex. Basically, you’re making a bunch of big fat rings.
  18. once you think you have every finger exctly right so that you can bend every inger, put a pair of vinyl gloves on one hand. YES TWO ON ONE HAND, then put the red glove over the top. It will be a tight fit
  19. coat the inside of the finger and hand pieces with the glue (might need help) ESPECIALLY THE FINGER TIPS AS THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE. AS LONG AS THE TIPS STAY ON THE GLOVES, THE OTHER PIECES CAN SHIFT, BUT WILL NOT FALL OFF. Afix the pieces on the glove WHILE WEARING on your own hand.
  21. wear the glove for one hour while the glue begins to set. i wore mine two hours each. Then take the glove off very very carefully and set it aside to cure for eight hours or so
  22. when it’s dry, check and make sure it is sufficiently glued
  23. paint, paint, paint, paint paint. and coat in a crapload of varnish. I resin cured my finger tips to be sure they would not shatter or nick.
  24. I also painted all the exposed glove and cut the glove fabric off slightly above the wrist (because you cannot tuck elbow length gloves up into the gauntlets. it is impossible!)
If you look at this photo of the palm, you can see the gaps in the fingers segments that allow the fingers to close
the fingers are very flexible and strong, so long as you made the clay thick enough, and if you resin coated them, you’re set.

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