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Some of my cos-play creations over the years. @simonalkenmayer has been bugging me to post these. All my best photos seem to be on other people’s phones, so I don’t really have them.

The top two are I have a dress I made for Dickens fair, The central one is the costume I was commissioned to make for the fiddling Christmas tree of Dickens fair. It was made by creating a chain mail dress and a head piece of aluminum that were then covered with harvested false Christmas tree limbs. All the ornaments had to be. Authentic and so I had to make most of them out of clay and would. There even electric candles on it. The black dress is a steam punk costume I made. Then there’s my flame princess costume made for Comikaze, which lights up and is studded with glittering beadwork along the edges. And my Gaara costume- who ch got me locked and chased down halls.

My recent post about my visual disability has sparked a lot of attention, so let me say this- all of these were made entirely by me, by hand, with zero help. I use magnification goggles for fine stitching, but most of it is done by feel.

And I’m posting my favorite one separately.

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