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Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

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I had to learn my rights the hard way…read this, study it, memorize it, this is insanely valuable information.

I remember in my government class in high school, twenty years ago now, the kids were talking about something that happened and about the right to remain silent and I was blown away by how little they knew. My dad was a cop, so I’ve known all this stuff since I was old enough to understand it. And so I started telling them, “You know you don’t have to say anything except ‘I want an attorney’. You don’t have to say ONE thing. They do not have the right to speak to you after you invoke the right to council. And your therapist and your priest cannot be spoken to either.”

And all the kids were like…”Wait, we don’t have to say anything?”

“You guys, that’s what the right to remain silent means. It means once you say ‘lawyer’ the interview should end. If you’re ever arrested, even if you’re innocent, you ask for a lawyer. If you’re brought in to talk to the police about an investigation, you have the right to bring an attorney. They cannot stop you.”

And half the class was just stunned. Like they all just thought if a cop said do it, you had to do it.


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