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Beer is delicious. I take offense at this. Drink whatever you want. Gender doesn’t have anything to do with it.

I WANT to find a beer I like, but it’s so BITTER. I’m very sensitive to bitter flavours. It’s why I drink my white wines, and my coffee comes out tinged decidedly MollyAnne coloured….(Maybe Molly with a tan…)

Not all beers are bitter. As I’ve said many times, beers range from very sweet to very sour, to bready, to roasted, to coffee.

if you’ve got a beer sweet enough to taste close to soda, i’m in.

Hahahaha…yes, in fact. Beer is essentially liquid bread. It follows precisely the same rules as bread. There are sweet, sour, dark, light, and so forth. Just imagine you’re drinking bread and the taste will make sense.

Hops are a preservative that was added for transport. They became popular as a flavor additive, but most beers contain only tiny amounts. Unfortunately the beers with which Americans tend to be familiar are of the style that have a high amount of hops. So too is it true that beer should not be carbonated, but has become so after Americans got involved. Buying beer that isn’t carbonated will help largely to change your perspective on what it is.

If I tell you it is possible to get a beer that tastes like lemonade and looks like a glass of white wine, you’ll scoff at me, but I tell you it absolutely is.

So when people tell me they don’t like beer, I tell them they are ignorant, and need to try beer until they find one they do like. This is plainly true. Beers range in color from light gold to black as ink. They can be sour, sweet, herbal. They can be thick and creamy or thin. They can be bubbly or flat. They can drink like a cake or sip like wine. They can taste of fruit or chocolate. Beer is incredibly diverse.

So please don’t be so stubborn and ridiculous as to suggest that in the whole of the world and the timeline of this ancient art form, there cannot possibly be a beer that suits you, because that is utter opinionated rubbish.

Unless you have certain allergies. But even then, I put it to you that I can make you a beer that will suit you.

Seriously. Beer is good.

My spouse always order wine, because he is allergic to grains. Every single fucking time, the waiter brings him my beer and me his wine. Fuck you. Girls like beer. Boys like wine. This kind of humor is such bullshit it isn’t even funny.

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