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Today is a big day for me







It was just announced that my book Cinderella Boy, available via the Tapas App, is the first book in RuPaul’s Love Yourself Library…and I’m nauseous with excitement and dread and a bunch of other things.

Here’s the Press Release…


I’m freaking out you guys.


Big things ahead! When will you be finished with the next one?

Ha! The author is now acting like the editor, now that the editor is an author.

I love it~ this gave me happy feels!

Me too!!! And also sickening ones

Okay, but I could imagine no other title belonging there. Let me gush a little about your own writing to you:

First of all, Dex is a precious and fiesty little bean who needs no protection, but still needs to be protected at all costs, if that makes sense. I could only wish I had some of his courage and spunkiness, and I love how coming out a bit, and working to be comfortable with himself, with his sister, helped him settle in his own skin. Having that level of self acceptance and support from someone important is so vital to the development of a person’s identity, and it killed me (in a good way) that he was so easily accepted by his sister. The kid was terrified of being caught and made fun of (if I’m not wrong), and yet this beautiful thing happened instead and it just KILLED ME.

Second, literally the only things that really “changed” were appearance and name. Anyone can put on clothes, and wear makeup. Anyone could introduce themselves as someone else. But he stayed the same, for the most part, despite those things. He quite literally stuck to his guns! He was still Dex. Just in much more fabulous clothing, and wearing some cute gloss, and a dusting of light shadow, y’know? Not everyone does that! Some people try way too hard, to present themselves differently to the world, but not him! He just kind if nodded, and said “Hell yeah, video games and paintball!” while dressed to kill.

He didn’t go around trying to be the girliest thing he could be, to assert his femininity. Declan just acted as naturally as he could, for himself, rolled with with it, and looked amazing doing it all, in my mind’s eye, and honestly? Nothing says “powerful woman” quite like “I can shoot you in the ass with a semiautomatic, and I’m not afraid of getting shot back.” There is NOTHING soft, and demure, or dainty about that. He is sharp, and he knew he was, and was so much more confident in that, with the changes he made.

Third, the ending had me crying. Talk about unconditional love. I was sobbing so loudly, on more than one occasion, I had people poking their heads in to make sure I wasn’t dying, because all they could hear, at ungodly hours of the morning, were hysterical tears mixed with “Oh my GOD! OH MY GOD! I can’t handle this!” Among other choice phrases. But it made me realize, quite a few things, including, but not limited to: “there really isn’t anything wrong with me,” “When you fall in love with someone, 9/10 their gender matters little,” “holy shit, other people like this exist?” And my favorite: “There is hope.”

Me gushing and being a little bit of a fangirl aside, based on the theme of the library that RuPaul is putting together? Cinderella Boy is the perfect “first read.” It touches on a lot of stuff that teens and young adults are conflicted and confused about, and by the end, gives a strong sense of “Really, it’s okay to just be yourself, no matter what that means to you.” With the obvious “Just be safe in doing so,” implied, because let’s be honest, common sense is something people should be using when dealing with deep and complex themes, always.

Point being…

So yeah, I liked your book a lot, it helped me more than I realized, and in typing all this on my phone, I’m now realizing exactly HOW MUCH it has helped, and I assure you, RuPaul know’s where it’s at, as far as quality, and life changing content is concerned.

Thanks! Go leave a review! Unless you did! And then thanks for that too. lol I’m just really annoyed right now because someone went on and reviewed the book with one star based off the wording of the press release and literally nothing else. I didn’t write the press release.

So…wtf. They referenced things not even said in any part of the book or description. I do not get some people. Like what they said was fine, but not on the actual review space for the book? Um…

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