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So yeah if you put in anything remotely LGBT+ related, it’s too impure for the children. Okay.

oh my god?????

Y’all wanna know another kicker? Restricted videos become demonetized. Some content creators are having their entire channels restricted (for a wide variety of reasons, not just LGBT stuff).

What this means, though, is that LGBT YouTubers are at serious risk of losing every penny of income from their channels. For some people, that’s their entire career. They rely on ad revenue to live. Many big channels support an entire crew of people working to make videos; personalities, editors, camera operators, artists, etc.

Google thinks we’re so inherently dangerous to children that they’re willing to ruin our livelihoods, and the livelihoods of everyone associated with us, in order to make the platform more appealing to big-name advertisers.

That’s it. That’s the whole reason for the crackdown.

They don’t care about their community or their creators. They only care about advertisers. 

And they’re more than happy to throw LGBT people and their allies under the bus to win their favour.

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