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a short PSA on titties!!!

@groseilleetframboise she talks like u, its cute af

Needed to see this

Or you could go to the gym, work out your chest area, and convert the fat into muscle… If you’re fine with having saggy tits, that’s fine, you do you, but to act like big tits have to be saggy no matter what unless they’re implants is incorrect. Tits are the same as legs or any other part on your body. The fat can be converted into muscle through excersize. Fat is jiggly and saggy, muscle is firm and perky. Simple concept really.

Breast tissue cannot be “converted” into muscle.

Wait, I CAN’T make my tits flex? Goddammit

Tit Positivty for all y’all, except cold world, because what a dense bitch

My breasts are to feed my children, not entice men. I could go perfectly happily through life without them.

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