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Taking away the reassurances and protections people had is not the religion you claim.

We see you.

Where is it written that $15 dollars an hour is the God ordained minimum wage?

Did you not know that per the law GOD put down in the OT, foreigners had to FOLLOW THE LAW too?

Where did I write anything about $15?

Where did I say foreigners didn’t have to follow the law?

15 is the minimum wage being pushed

If foreigners follow the law, they can’t sneak across the border.

So your picture is stupid.

Again, where did I say $15?

And I didn’t say anything about breaking laws. I think we need to have our laws allow for immigrants, and especially refugees, to come to our country to work and live and contribute to our society to help keep it great. Not create or remove laws to keep good people away.

And my picture isn’t stupid. Your picture is stupid… Doody face.


The BIBLE VERSE quoted said nothing about $15 or illegal immigration. In fact I don’t think it mentioned how foreigners came to be in the land at all. In my opinion it’s simply implied that foreigners living here should not be deprived of justice. So the real question is what is justice? I suppose it would have to do with not criminalizing the legal travel of a person living in this country because of their faith or their ancestral roots. I suppose it might be not depriving them of basic human dignity and compassion because you don’t like how they came here. But maybe I read that whole New Testament thing wrong.

Also, that person is totally a doody face

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