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Thank you @kristinalmeister and @unicornofthecentury for the lovely gifts. You cheeky bastards.

I can confirm that the gummies are not beer flavored. And Kristina, you are a bastard for sending me such a foodstuff. You know what you’ve done. I will not forget this offense.


Woohoo! Chew on that, you pointy toothed hellspawn!

No, but seriously enjoy the beer glass. The hubs picked it up in Germany. And my sister is awesomely clever, it’s true.

I shall use the lunch pail with a deeply satisfied sense of irony.

I love it so much

I think I will melt down the gummies and turn them into something from a 1960’s cookbook, just to spite all of you.

Gummies are delicious please don’t kill them

What the hell else am I going to do with them? They get stuck in my teeth.

Some people soak them in vodka. 

I’d actually like to see them suspended in a Jell-O that compliments their flavor. 

Maybe mix the Jell-O with vodka instead of water to make it edible. 😉

Perhaps I will make a giant gummie.


Are they shaped like an animal or just beer bottle shaped? I can’t tell. But it still would be fun if you suspended them inside something else. Like if the giant gummy whatever ate them.

Personally I prefer Jelly Babies – https://www.amazon.com/Bassetts-Jelly-Babies-Bag-215g/dp/B000KCXKOQ – and not just because of the Doctor Who connection but because they taste better and they’re not as sticky so they don’t get stuck in my teeth. 

They are little round berry like clusters. They are a bit hard.

Then they’d look cute suspended in the belly of a giant gummy bear. After all, beers eat berries. 

Too hard to eat. I’d have to melt them and soften them.

Did we confirm what they taste like?


If I found you gummies that tasted like steak or bacon or some other carnivorous food, would you eat THEM?

It isn’t the taste that is the issue. Gummies are actually quite nutritious. At least for me. What I object to is the chewiness. Which Ms Meister knows very well.

What do the white one’s taste like? or are they fruit too?

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