The Geek Nation

What is a geek?

May I call your attention to the following diagram? I am sure you will find it enlightening.


How does one know if they are a part of this illustrious society?

There’s one question that must first be answered: Are you a pirate or a ninja.

Well, that’s one important question, but not the most important question. Frankly, if you obsess about anything, but can do okay at a cocktail party, you’re a geek. If you know the geography of Middle Earth, but can’t find Texas on a map, you’re one of us. If you tend to fixate on one thing for hours on end, do online research on the randomest of things, or even if you cannot seem to stop fighting about which Enterprise Captain was better, Kirk or Picard, then you ar eone of us. If your ringtone is the song “White and Nerdy” or “The Imperial March”, you are absolutely a geek.

And in this place, you will be appreciated.

I’ll invite any geeks with tips about geeky awesome things to do/see/buy/etc. to post a comment here with a link or whatever. I too will be adding to this portion of the blog, just so we can form our little geek nerve cluster…and so that i won’t feel quite so isolated.

4 comments on “The Geek Nation


    Check out @heruniverse on twitter or http://www.heruniverse.com for a fantastic place to buy geeky items of jewelry or clothing for your best female geek friend, including the Princess Leah sweatshirt with bunhead hood.


    http://www.thinkgeek.com for anything from nerf toys to a genuine TaunTaun sleeping bag. They even have items from your favorite games or television shows. Got my eye on a pair of Light Saber chopsticks and an Adventure Time hat.


    House of Air in San Francisco at the Precidio. It’s a giant airplane hanger that is lined with trampolines. Literally, it is a trampoline park. With dodgeball, stunt bouncing, and a mini bounce house for the kiddies.



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