Another awesome review!

This wonderfully complete review comes to us from, and frankly, warms me from within! Please take the time to peruse their site and give them some support!

A lovely review of Craving

I stumble upon this by accident while trying to track down a pic of my book cover! I like the reviewer’s site, and think that if any of you are into indie, you should definitely check it out! review


My first puclished book, Craving, has just been released by Journal-Stone today! I’m excited but nervous. Trying to organize a ton of blog posts and whatnot to promote! I’ll post about them fairly soon, so that you can access them!

The Mysterious Stranger Costume Build; Part 6: Breastplate

Ok So we’ve come to the hardest piece: the armor breast plate. This is the most difficult because it has lots of prep and lots of steps, and needs to be precise, so be prepared for a mess and several days of labor. _________________________________ To fit this armor properly, you’ll need to have a mannequin […]

The Mysterious Stranger Costume Build Tutorial; Part 4: Gloves

In order to make these gloves, you will need to buy a pair of gloves that fit you. It’s best if they are cheap, made of satin or some kind of polyester. I bought a pair of elbow length prom gloves in red from a site on ebay for five bucks, shipping included. Materials: gloves […]

The Mysterious Stranger Costume Build, Part 3 Elbow Guards and Gauntlets

Now i went through several versions of these before I settled on what i liked. So you may do the same. Here’s what I recommend for the elbow guards: make sure the substrate is hard, not flexible like foam, even though foam is lighter. The reason for this is simple, when you bend your elbow, […]

Mysterious Stranger Costume Build Tutorial, Part 2: The Base of a Costume

The base of the costume is a long sleeved blue shirt, a skirt, and a black out mask. MASK: I have already posted in my blog, a tutorial on making the black out mask.  However, I would say that for this costume, because movement is very limited and the mask is worn UNDERNEATH the neck […]

The Mysterious Stranger Costume Tutorial Part 1

Perhaps you were as scarred by the Mysterious Stranger as I was.  Perhaps you are just a fan of creepy things or claymation.  Whatever the reason, you want this costume.  Well, guess what, no one makes it.  As ar as I know I’m the first person to build it and it took me about two […]

How to make a full face mask (blackout mask)

This is a tutorial for a skin tight stocking type face mask, with as much visibility as you like. if you enjoy this post, please leave a like, so that I know what types of posts are doing well! Thanks! Materials: – stretchy see-thru fabric (I used stretch velvet, but it is difficult to see […]

Pony Hawk and the Dog Trimmer

Those of you who know me, know I like to maintain as unusual a ‘do as possible, not to be a rebel, or to get attention. There’s another reason, a deeper reason, and I can prove it, because I absolutely hate being stared at, and despise going out into public except to specific locations. Some […]