The Mysterious Stranger Costume Build Tutorial; Part 4: Gloves

In order to make these gloves, you will need to buy a pair of gloves that fit you. It’s best if they are cheap, made of satin or some kind of polyester. I bought a pair of elbow length prom gloves in red from a site on ebay for five bucks, shipping included. Materials: gloves […]

The Mysterious Stranger Costume Build, Part 3 Elbow Guards and Gauntlets

Now i went through several versions of these before I settled on what i liked. So you may do the same. Here’s what I recommend for the elbow guards: make sure the substrate is hard, not flexible like foam, even though foam is lighter. The reason for this is simple, when you bend your elbow, […]

Mysterious Stranger Costume Build Tutorial, Part 2: The Base of a Costume

The base of the costume is a long sleeved blue shirt, a skirt, and a black out mask. MASK: I have already posted in my blog, a tutorial on making the black out mask.  However, I would say that for this costume, because movement is very limited and the mask is worn UNDERNEATH the neck […]

The Mysterious Stranger Costume Tutorial Part 1

Perhaps you were as scarred by the Mysterious Stranger as I was.  Perhaps you are just a fan of creepy things or claymation.  Whatever the reason, you want this costume.  Well, guess what, no one makes it.  As ar as I know I’m the first person to build it and it took me about two […]

Working With Sintra To Make Armor

Okay, loads of people want to make costumes with armored pieces, but how many of them actually want to buoild armor with fiber glass? I mean are you kidding? Do you KNOW how long that takes, how many steps there are? If you had forever, a hefty budget, and a deathwish, you could do it, […]

How to make a full face mask (blackout mask)

This is a tutorial for a skin tight stocking type face mask, with as much visibility as you like. if you enjoy this post, please leave a like, so that I know what types of posts are doing well! Thanks! Materials: – stretchy see-thru fabric (I used stretch velvet, but it is difficult to see […]

Costumes and Cons

Those who know me understand what a crazy obsessive I am. It’s kinda a given! So a couple weeks ago at the 2011 Wondercon, I saw costumes, but really, wasn’t that impressed. What’s happened to the artform? Beyond a few Klingons and some Watchmen cast members…oh and this crazy awesome jawa that I’m still convinced […]