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Okay so here it is.

I’m trans. Not that it’s anyone’s business, but I guess my genitals were confusing people. I’m honestly super disappointed that People could not leave it alone. I know what my voice sounds like so you don’t need to point it out every single day.

This does not apply to the few who accepted me as a person and not just the set of genitalia Rogue knows personally. You know who you are.

The professor oak treatment is uncomfortable and honestly super fucking rude. I’ve had people literally only talk to me long enough to find out what I’m packing then leave. I’ve had people ask “what I am” to find out Rogue’s sexuality (going so far to ask if they had a chance with him).

Yes I am trans.

No I will not identify myself as a trans man because I don’t want to be some Tumblr brand special other gender. That’s how being trans is treated on here a lot of the time and it’s gross. If I want to tell you so you will understand some of my experiences then I will, but I want to be treated as a normal guy.

Im not an indicator of bisexuality. I’m not both. There are literally people who are both. We have a word for that and it’s not trans. There is nothing wrong or weird about being both, but that’s not me.

I am a man.

Stop. Fucking. Asking.

OH! MY! GOD! People! Seriously you all need to leave Blue alone! He is an amazing person and an awesome artist! Who the heck cares on how he identifies? It is none of your freaking business! Leave Blue, and subsequently Rogue, alone! Jesus Christ!

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