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So in the comics Hawkeye has 80% hearing loss.

The Black Widow is Russian.

Can you imagine when they’re on a mission and something goes wrong; the police are about to arrest them and they fall back on Plan H.

Black Widow, “So remember, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English”

Successful 92.6% of the time.


Okay this has popped up on my dash again and I resisted the urge the first few times but now I can’t.

In college I was friends with a bunch of exchange students and went to a party off campus with them. After a couple hours the owners of the apartment called it a night but my friends wanted to continue to hang out. One of the other exchange students volunteered his place. Only problem was there were 10 of us and our only ride was a honda civic.

So we had a 6 foot tall Swedish dude with two Japanese girls on his lap in the front passenger seat, three Saudi students and me sitting in the back seat with two Thai students sitting on our laps and a Mexican-American woman driving.

I being paranoid asked, “What do we do if we get pulled over?”

The driver tries to look at me, “Do you speak another language or can you fake Swedish?”

“No, but I know ASL.”

She nodded, “Okay so the plan is if we get in trouble, no one speaks English and you’re Deaf.”

That was our plan guys. 

This is the best comment I’ve ever had on this post.

Lmmfao. As a blind person this is hilarious to me, because I have literally gotten into situations I shouldn’t have if I had vision and got out of them by being like….”uh…cane”

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