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Knives seized by 40 police forces have been made into
a giant angel sculpture that creators want to put on display in
Trafalgar Square (UK).

Via the Daily Mail

This is some Fahrenheit 451 shit

The fact that most people in the UK don’t seem to get the irony that after essentially banning firearms ownership completely the murder rate with knives skyrocketed so that they’ve had to start the confiscation process all over again. 

Gee, guys it’s almost like objects don’t compel individuals to perpetrate evil. It’s almost like the desire to attack, maim, and kill others exists within the human psyche regardless of outside influences. 

You will never regulate or confiscate your way to Utopia. 

Australia says hi.

Amen, @norseminuteman

Yeah but the point is kind of… like…stoping them from being able to do that in a convenient way so like…


It’s a lot easier for a cop to disarm a knife-wielder than a gun carrier. It’s also a lot more difficult to kill people, because you have to get close to them to do it. So yeah…

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