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Keeping in mind I have a black thumb…

I just pruned my succulent, Frederick. He had a number of dead and dying leaves still from when I got him. Just down at his base. So I looked up the proper way to prune him and then gave him a much needed trim. Also a tiny bit of water. He looks great!

Or I killed him and it’ll all go south very fast.

Really it could feasibly go either way.

So I just did a little research on how often I should water Frederick and according to Google I should completely soak the soil at needed, but then let it completely dry out before watering him again. So I think I can do this.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

Congratulations! You’re more nurturing than a desert!

I’m not. I killed my cactus.

My kid is still alive though, which is a plus. I wonder if I should water her again.

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