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Formal declaration of the wager








My freelance editor @kristina-meister and I have lain a wager as to whose book will have better sales in the first three months of release as they have proximal release dates.

If she wins, I will stock her refrigerator.

If I win, I will receive a vial of her blood.

This has been agreed to by both parties.

I am declaring it formally now and will schedule a reblog for the future to remind us. Now we let the lightning strike where it will.

I have two questions about your excellent wager:

First, why is it your prize of choice is blood? My brain keeps jumping to “He’s going to clone an army of editors.”

Second, does her fridge stocking have a budget?Because I advocate that she get as much food, of her choice, as she can possibly fit in the fridge. And if she happens to have more than one fridge, you fill them both.

I think there’s ample clues in my books as to why I choose blood, which she well knows, since she helped assemble them.

As for her fridge, I am a monster of my word and the spirit of the wager, a noble gambler at my core. And so if she wins, I would never send her anything but the best. This she also knows.

Our banter aside, Kristina knows her position in my esteem.

But really, we needn’t worry about that, because we all know who is going to win. Because I am a monster. My hook is better than hers.

She has LGBT being well portrayed and Declan is relatable, well crafted, and well rounded.

@kristina-meister stands a fair and decent chance.

Bah. People like monsters far more. I mean i will grant you that the characters and dialogue are amusing and enjoyable, but I eat people and write recipes. I  feed the people. I mean, I also eat them, but that’s part of it isn’t it?

A cookbook verses a well written LGBT love story.

What is more…observant of non-heteronormativity than a monster without sex or gender who keeps a human for romantic purposes? I tell you…

I will win.

It’s simple human psychology.

Yeah, but your audience is tapped, while mines about to his a whole other demographic. I. Will. Pown.

I’m just gonna go pick out my gourmet favs right the fuck now…

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