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My Cover Reveal Contest

Reblog this post with a screencap of your favorite book of last year! I need new material to read anyway! Once you’ve participated with a reblog, I will put your name in a hat.

I will reveal the cover of my book when I announce the winner at 12pm PST on April 12 2018. The winner gets a signed copy of my latest release, Cinderella Boy!

What’s it about? Well, it’s a modern LGBTQ retelling of Cinderella! Declan is a nerd who cannot make sense of his own gender identity. When his sister catches him trying on her clothes, she drags him to a party at the home of her ex boyfriend, Carter–the most popular boy in school, and Declan’s secret crush. When Carter meets Declan’s female alterego, he is instantly attracted and when she vanishes mysteriously, he dedicates himself to being the sort of guy she can love and rely on.

Formerly available on the Tapas Media app,  it has undergone massive changes, including a new chapter…so if you’ve already read it, this might still be worth it for you.

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