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Will there be another book?





Once my editor gives up on her dreams and stops writing wonderful LGBTQ YA books. Perhaps one day I will see her again. Not likely though. Her life is too glamorous. Her hair is too colorful. She is too fast and furious to hold in the palm of my hand. Like a hummingbird. 

Please do not go and harass @kristina-meister for leaving me for the sake of her aspirations.

Dude…I swear to fucking Christ I will overload your mailbox with dryer sheets if you don’t leave me alone.

That fucking Snuggles bear with fuck you up.

You literally forcibly bestowed upon me a MacBook so I could do things for you.

Give me the things.

This motherfucker is the one who wants me to do it. I don’t know about you, but I’m not arguing with the guy who eats human. I’m just gonna say, dude like give me time. I swear I’ll be back to it soon.

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