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…are tumblr networks even a thing still?

well. either way, im making one!

hi! im lofi. i am making this network for people with chronic illness to have a place to share advice, vent, and make friends who understand each other a little more than other people in their life might. the main blog for it will also serve as a resource for anyone who suffers from chronic illness, with a focus on self love, care, and managing your illnesses. even if you aren’t ill or dont have an interest in joining, please reblog this post so the word can get out!

important stuff

  • you must be following both me and the main blog.
  • you must reblog this post and tag it with “slr net”.
  • rules, about, etc can be found on the main blog.
  • application can be found here!
  • please be 18+ if you join. you dont need to be to follow the blog, but for comfort and safety reasons, i would prefer the chat to be a minor-free place.
  • please have or be willing to make a discord account, as that’s where the chat will be.
  • you DO NOT need to be diagnosed. those of us in the community know how hard it is to get there. if you have chronic pain, mental illness, etc that has gone undiagnosed thus far, you are still welcome. 
  • please note that this group is not a replacement for a doctor, a therapist, or any other sort of medical professional. it is simply a place where we can gather for friends and peer support.

what you’ll get out of joining

  • people to rb your posts
  • friends!! ones who understand that some days are better than others, and who can support and advise you when you need it
  • possible events, like movie nights and stuff!
  • hopefully, a valuable resource that will bring you happiness and comfort.

Currently, there is neither a set acceptance date or a limit to how many people will be accepted. We’ll see how this goes first. Again, I would really appreciate it if you would reblog this to help spread the word! And if you have interest in joining, I hope to receive your application soon. ❤️


Check this or guys!

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