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Hey Christians, you guys ok over there?

Additional fun fact: If a woman is “tight,” it almost never correlates to how much sex she’s had. It correlates exclusively to how good the sex she’s having right now.

A woman who is “tight” is actually sexually unaroused; her vagina isn’t relaxed and she is, I goddamn promise you, not at all enjoying whatever might be up in her business at the moment.

I’m also really concerned that………thOse are FISH STEAKS pLEaSe don’t fUcK a FISH

If I had to see this with my own two eyes then you fuckers do too

Hi, I work at a women’s pelvic floor physical therapy clinic and what the fuck do you assholes not know how muscles work?

A woman with multiple sexual partners or a woman who has never had sex can have ANY DEGREE of looseness or tightness at rest, can increase or decrease tightness AT WILL with kegels/muscle control, and can definitely gain or lose muscle tightness/tone with age, injury, or other health issue. A woman who has a problem such as vaginismus will have muscle spasms where she cannot relax or endure penetration. Things like prolapses can also cause problems.

Frankly, any dingbat who has to insistently labor under the misapprehension that women are made of Silly Putty and not, y’know, skin and bone and muscles and such, can 1) never have any sort of affection ever bestowed on them, 2) maybe just die.

You absolutely fucking dreadful waste of life.

OMFG WTF am I seeing with my own two eyes…

This is the most fucking appalling piece of fucking garbage I have ever fucking seen. I am gonna track that asshole down and slap him stupid with a salmon steak.

First of all: Don’t show carved up animal meat and make an analogy to female parts you fucking misogynistic FUCK.

Next: Don’t insinuate with words that those are cross sections of females cut up you SICK MOTHERFUCKER

AND FINALLY: Dump your worthless shit opinion with its lack of scientific knowledge, complete ignorance on the female form, presumption that women cannot own their own bodies and be autonomous, and pseudoreligious garbage into your trash can and fucking drown yourself in it, you complete perversion of a human fucking being. 

I’m going to show some cross sections of meatballs and talk about how men shouldn’t masturbate so much if they want to have giant fucking cajones.

TL;DR Eat a giant fucking dick, whoever put that post together. and if you can talk around that giant dick you’re swallowing, then you’ve used your mouth too much and maybe should think about not stretching it out so fucking much.

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