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Excellent analogy.

I think the reason this doesn’t occur to men, is because they’re too attached to the pepper mill. 

They think, “Why doesn’t she like my pepper?” As if it is an attack on their body/person. It’s easier to call the woman names, than it is to think “Well, maybe my mill isn’t that great, Maybe I need better quality pepper.”

(He’s talking about your personality and your dick, fellas.)

Well…yes. I mean women can purchase the perfect shaped “mill” for their purposes. They don’t require a man, What makes a woman choose a man is everything else he brings to the table. If he has no salt, no vinegar, no mustard, then he isn’t a proper “restauranteur” so to speak.

And sometimes she says no because she doesn’t like pepper and would rather wait for the nice lady with the cheese grater, and that’s okay too.

Quite. Personally, I always wait for the one (whatever gender it might be) with the dessert tray.

I mean yeah,  Can’t argue that logic.

No, you certainly cannot once you see that lemon tart covered in berry compote and fresh sweet cream.

Bring that over here and give me some.

Thank you.

You like the sugar.

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