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Little message of hope for those afraid to come out to their friends.

My core friend group: cis bros.

Dude bro cis bros. Chicks. Drinks. Games. Gym. Those were my pals. 

So, as you’d imagine, I was a little afraid to come out to my boys, and left it at “I might be gay or something, idk.”

When I bit the bullet and came out as a trans chick, none of them were surprised.

In terms of “adjustment”, there wasn’t any. And each one of them worked hard to understand, brush up on terms, learn more about transgender things, and even went as far to chastise each other for “a weak pronoun game.”

They complimented me when I felt down, encouraged me to try new things, and the only way my friendship with them changed is that our bonds grew even stronger.

There is no perfect formula for coming out, and no matter what your relationships or circumstances, you’re well in your rights to feel a little nervous.

It’s perfectly okay, but the ones you love can truly surprise you in amazing ways you never thought were possible.

Best wishes to any of you waiting for your moment.
Love, Tina


Okay so first of all, I had no idea my true story of friendship would make the rounds like this, so I’m happy it’s doing some good and making peoples’ day. That being said hehe shoutout to this silly sausage.

@facing-the-opponent , darling. This happened. These are real folks. Don’t believe me? 

My golden boys.

Oh, by the way, that’s what we call our friend group. The Self-Esteem Team.



What a fantastic story. I’m so proud of your boys!!!

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