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After decades of vilifying LGBTQ people and trying to strip them of their rights, suddenly conservatives don’t care about what “consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes.”



You know…we’ve all been asking ourselves the same fucking question and y’all keep telling us it’s because god totally wants us to be all up in each others business. Good job social conservatives.


I predict it won’t hurt him either, because the racist, homophobic, heteronormative culture he panders to is intrinsically hypermasculine. It reinforces masculinity as a divine demonstration of God’s plan for all life – being dominated by men and as a function of male will and virility.

So fucking yeah they won’t care. They’ll be like high-fiving the other dude-bros going “Aw yeah, Bro grabbed that bitch by the pussy!” And generally looking like fucking dick-swizzles. And their white man-purse female accessories (because let’s face it, a WASP vagina is just a man purse) will smile and nod, and make them more Totino’s pizza rolls and wonder why they don’t have a name.

I do not get why people can’t just see that being mean to each other is bad? Like I get you’re getting a high from being an asshole, but like, you still know we all know you’re an asshole, right?

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