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created this project due to the underwhelming acceptance and knowledge of ‘invisible
disabilities.’ The pill bottles that make up the walker all belong to either
myself or family members of mine who wanted to partake in this project as they
have invisible disabilities. I wished to bring awareness to the range of
disabilities that exist, and show that not all disabilities are viewed the same
nor are they all visible to outsiders.                                                                The
walker represents the fact that these medications, for some, are what allows individuals
to ‘get by’ from day to day. Just like someone with a broken bone would require
a cast to heal, some individuals require daily medication in order to survive
& be able to actively participate in life.
            Some disabilities have a negative stigma attached to them, thus creating a feeling
of shame and embarrassment around them. Sadly, this is not uncommon when it comes
to mental illnesses, which is why this project was so important to me. I strive
towards contributing to the breakdown of negative stereotypes/stigmas/feelings
towards those who have a mental illness(es).                  The medication(s) that some individuals take daily are their ‘walker.’ It helps them stand on their own two feet & gives them their quality of life back. 

This is such a good way of making the “invisible” visible

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Thank you so much.

I am visually impaired, but because I can get around, I don’t often seem disabled until something happens or I can’t deal with a situation. I take so much garbage from people

Good example. I was in Target on Christmas eve for some last minute items. I usually push the cart because it’s like a cane. But honestly, if I was using my cane, I’d still need a cart, so I just make do. I came around a corner and nearly hit this guy barreling toward me. I didn’t, turning at the last second. But he and the girl he was with followed behind me, talking trash 

“Oh my god what a bitch.”
“She totally just did that on purpose. I can’t believe she’d try to hit you.”
“She’s luck I don’t hit her in the face for being an inconsiderate cunt.”

I stopped my cart and turned around. “Actually, I am legally blind, completely blind in my left eye, and I apologize for almost hitting you, but I didn’t see you.”

Turned around, kept walking. They continue to follow me “Oh yeah, like that’s real.” “What a fucking joke”

It’s not a joke. We cope however we have to to get shit done. It isn’t kind or fair to be a cock to people. It made me wish I had my cane so that i could offer to beat their asses with it instead.

Invisible disabilities make up the vast majority. So if you see someone struggling or not paying attention, or whatever, there may be another reason besides meanness.

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