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“If schoolgirls must cover their bra straps because they are ‘sexual’, snapping a girl’s bra should be considered sexual assault by the school.
It is not.  This is one way we teach children that the female body is criminal and harmful, but the violation of it is not.”


I cannot tell you how many times this happened to me, and how many times I had to fight this shit. 

I knew a guy who would always tickle me and I kept asking him to stop. I told him it hurt. He goes “Why are you laughing?”

“Because I can’t fucking help it. Stop doing it. I have all these fucking bruises!”

And he wouldn’t. So one day I kneed him in the groin. He complained. I had to explain to a teacher why I gave him the royal pains because he was tickling me. The teacher looked at me as if I was fucking nuts. I was like, dude…He is constantly assaulting me and I have bruises to show! And I lifted up my shirt and showed him my ribs and he was like “Put your shirt down! That’s not something we do at school.”

And I was like…wow…so even the proof of the violation of my body is not something I should show you huh? My fucking blackened ribs are not something I should show you because that’s a no no. This asshole sent me to the office. I had to explain to the office staff why i didn’t want a cute boy to tickle me. And every time it was “But he likes you.”

And I was like “Then he should maybe stop assaulting me and do something I like.”

But no. Every time, i had to hurt them to get them to stop, until eventually, they got the point. But it still didn’t matter.

Finally one day this kid was pestering me (another boy) and he shoved me hard against some lockers. Grabbed my wrists and pinned me. I was like WTF let go of me.

He goes, “No. You are being silly.”

“If you don’t let go of me, you will regret it.”

He wouldn’t. So I kicked him as hard as I could in the nuts. He folded up into a ball. I left and went into a classroom. The teacher was one of my favs. He says “Kristina, why are you in here?”

I told him this kid had hurt me, slamming me against the lockers and squeezing my wrists. I showed him my wrists which were changing colors. I told him I had told the boy to let me go and that I wanted him to stop and he’d refused. So I kicked him in the nuts.

The teacher laughed and said “He likes you.”

But I knew if I stepped one foot outside, this kid would try to hurt me. So I didn’t.

Then a day later, he tried to corner me to demand why I’d kicked him. and I had to fend him off by myself and tell him why I would kick him again and again if he didn’t leave me and my body the fuck alone.

Girls are not your fucking playthings. Boys. You hear me? Teachers? We are not your property to demean and watch dance, and leave dangling in a harsh wind. We ARE NOT YOURS. YOU CANNOT TELL US WHAT WE CAN DO WITH OUR BODIES.

Go fuck yourselves. Anyone ever tells my daughter that her fucking shirt or shorts are causing boys to be distracted, I will fucking sue the shit out of them and kick them in the metaphorical nuts again and again. I will sit in their office every fucking day and tell them why their misogynist crap is fucking dead. It better be dead, or I will kill it.

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