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I get that you’re young, but queer isn’t a slur and don’t reblog my damn posts with “q slur”, please. My identity is not a slur. Thinking queer is a slur is ahistoric bullshit.







Lmfao what the fuck are you on?? Q*eer was originally used to refer to trans and sga people BY CISHETS to refer to us as abnormal and wrong. It’s a fucking slur. If you choose to use a slur as your only personal identifier then yes, your identity is a God damn slur. This is so disrespectful to every lgbt person with trauma surrounding that word, and you’re the one who’s being ahistorical. Asshole.

I’m on education that came from somewhere other than tumblr, my dude.

We’ve been calling ourselves queer since before WWII. It was not originally used “by cishets”. It was used by us. To describe us. Interchangeably with gay, which was used by all genders.

Ten years before you were born, Queer Nation was fighting for rights you now enjoy, marching in the streets. Queer Nation was founded by members of ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), an organization for AIDS advocacy, because we were literally dying in the streets. Which is where die-ins came from, by the way – during the AIDS crisis when hospitals wouldn’t touch us with a ten foot pole, people protested by literally dying in a place inconvenient for the powers that be.

Whoever “taught” you that queer is a slur and always has been lied to you.

We’re still here, we’re still queer, go educate yourself.

If you can’t give me sources on q*eer being used by lgbt people BEFORE they reclaimed it from cishets using it as a slur i really don’t care what you have to say

Wow sorry about your inability to use google. If the internet is too hard, you could try picking up a book at your local library!!!! Like, how about My Queer War by James Lord or 

Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War II by Allan Berube?

From  George Chauncey, “Gay New York,” page 10

This is so painful to read, honestly. 

Kids, learn your own queer history. Our identity was our word first

I don’t ever want to hear another fucking anti-queer statement on my blog. Honestly…If it doesn’t fit you, then don’t use it. If it does, then do. Stop bitching everyone else out. That’s what THEY do.

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