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tbt to when we used to be able to google ‘poe dameron’ and the top results were always about him possibly being gay and now the top results are shitty listicles about how tlj was a #feministWin and how he’s an asshole chauvinist. i want to die!

Oh yeah, TLJ, the feminist triumph. A film where there are five female characters and none of them pass the mako mori test, the main female character gets sidelined into an abusive relationship which is supposed to be sexy and remade into the redeemer of a man who tortured her, the one queer woman dies so a man can learn from her, and toxic masculinity got injected into a previously gender equal universe because women can’t have escapist fiction where misogyny doesn’t exist, via a latinx man who used to be compassionate and thoughtful and had his mother and Leia as his personal heroes and a woman who is every female boss trope but somehow even more insulting and just comes off as stupid and prideful rather than competent.

I get where you’re coming from with the whole Rey/Kylo thing, but I’m not sure about the rest of it and how I feel about it.

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