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So women are basically John Hurt’s character in Alien now?

And the cowboy hat. Oh my God. The cowboy hat. He wore it.

For an official picture.


What an unmitigated loitersack

I’d love to see him host my foot in his ass.

You know…there are a number of parasites he could host, if someone close to him were so inclined.

how about he hosts a knife in his throat?

Well…that isn’t hosting so much as dying. If you want him to die, there are a myriad of ways to make that happen, to varying degrees of vengeful satisfaction.

Making him live thru being host to a size 12 bootparasite would be satisfying. (Added 4 sizes, for my comfort.)

Lodged sideways.

Yeah, having been pregnant and having given birth…Um…I feel safe in saying it is clearly something he is not willing to do, and so he should shut the fuck up about it and never condemn a person to live that if they don’t choose to. That’s just torture and all to give birth to a HUMAN who it’s understandable you might resent and didn’t want. Like that’s a good start to life, right? I get that most women forced to have a child might adjust and deal with it and not fuck up their kids. Like women are badass and more than capable and they’ve been doing that for centuries and all, but what I’m saying is, being born and learning about life is complicated enough. Why would you ever make that happen, and then make it happen in an environment of stress and hardship and anxiety?

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