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Hey there! I really love your book Cinderella boy, holy shit it’s so great! I just want to know if there will be a chance that physical copy of it will exist or if there’s even a small chance? (IF SO I’LL TOTALLY BUY 5 OF IT. IT’S SO GREATT 😭)

Wow! Thanks so much! You have great timing, because I just signed a three book deal with Riptide publishing. I am in the process of editing the book now for paperback publication! They’re making a cover and all that jazz!

So it should be out some time next year, and the following year you can look forward to my retelling of Snow White I’m tentatively calling Love Under Glass.

In case you wondered about the plot, I’ll sum it up!

Elyrra Glasse is in love with Riley, a teenage biker chick from the wrong side of the tracks, but can never talk about it. Her famous conservative family is entrenched in Republican politics and Christian ideology, and if they ever discovered that she runs a blog devoted to her crush, her life would be over. So when she discovers that her mother has in fact found out and plans to send her to a reprogramming camp, El decides to run away. sacrificing her growing friendship with the girl of her dreams, she flees west, hitchhiking and dodging the men her mama sends after her.

In the aftermath of her disappearance, Elyrra’s mother goes to Riley, expecting that the rebel will know exactly what has happened to her daughter, but when Riley learns about the website that reads like a continuous love letter to her, she realizes that she cannot let El slip away. Making a bargain with the wicked witch, Riley sets out to save Elyrra.

That’s a rough draft. That book will be followed by a Beauty and Beast retelling called Fierce.

To keep up on the release dates, just follow me here, or make sure you go to Riptide’s site and enroll in their newsletter (I think they have one?)

I’m glad you liked the book, and I hope you like the new version even more.

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