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I wanted to say this here too, but couldn’t figure out how to get my blind assist software to copy and paste it.

People need to grasp this concept, and I think too many people, even those technically beneath the poverty line still look at others and think “they’re lazy” when in fact they might just be at a different stage of poverty. People game the system, sure, but they do it to stay alive, to get that cushion.

You can’t cutoff block a persons ability to get contraception or sex Ed, then block their ability to have an abortion, then insist they raise a child with no resources, then further deprive them of a chance to get out of poverty, condemn their child to hand-to-mouth existence, then call them lazy no matter what they do. You cannot do that and call yourself rational or say you’re addressing poverty by depriving the poor of resources.

You’re just demons. Forcing people into ruin, keeping them there, then asking them to beg, then punishing them for doing so.

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