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Oh yeah, sorry, sometimes it doesnt occur to me that questions like that are….mean? I am very jaded. I run into the same problem with people that have something physically interesting about them, like a birthmark, or an odd facial structure. In that case i get very interested as a science thing and forget. I guess what i really meant is “what is the funniest way someone has tried to maim you” like laughable or creative attempts? Im sorry, i did not mean to upset you. 😰








Funniest…Ah, that’s something else entirely.

Interpretive dance.

I mean I’m sure he thought it was Kung Fu, but really it was just “This is what fighting would be if it were a dance” and then he died.

Oh please, please, tell us this story.

I second this motion

I third this motion!

Well, not much to tell. I think it was back in the 80′s, early 90′s perhaps. I was hunting. He objected to being eaten. He failed.

Just….tai chi your way to the afterlife, guy

It was far less structured than Tai Chi

Oh shit…omg…lol

I need to come on Tumblr more often.

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