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Millennials are Killing the Internet

I’ve already commented on one post, but I can’t with a clean conscience sit by without making my own.

I see so many posts about Net Neutrality, and while I think it’s tremendous how many of you are emailing the FCC, some of those emails aren’t going to change minds.

Some of you are emailing the chairman himself. Ajit Pai was a former Verison employee. It doesn’t matter how many emails you send to him. You could literally tell him that you depend on the Internet’s resources to live, and he would not bat an eye.

Many of you are putting in your emails that hospitals and schools will see troubles. I appreciate the effort, but when these men are the very same men who have already taken SO MUCH from hospitals and schools, will they?

What you NEED to do, is speak their language. That language is dollar signs. Make your voice sound like MONEY THEY WILL BE LOSING.

We live in a nation where restaurants are failing because no one can afford a $20 meal anymore. What makes the FCC think we can afford more than $60 Internet? E-commerce is essential to the US economy. If users are forced to go through paywall after paywall, they will STOP purchasing anything off the Internet. The nosedive in stocks will be the likes of nothing you’ve ever seen.

Without the freedom to choose which websites we visit, the internet, for many of you on Tumblr like me, will become virtually meaningless. Make THAT the message you spread to these two “Yes votes.” Tell them that if the Internet becomes just like cable TV, which none of us are able to afford, they will LOSE the few dollars we have.

They’ll be interested in hearing that.

These are the emails of the two FCC members voting “yes” on the repeal of NN. If anyone’s mind is going to be changed. It has to be one of these guys. And it has to be before December 14th.



If we speak their language, there may still be hope. Good luck, everyone.

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