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#did the rest of the men die?

I have no idea who that is

When I click my cable remote to on demand, they’re running this ducking ad campaign for his new country album and the lyrics make me want to shout and rave about gender equality in culture. It’s like this “romantic” song that clearly establishes the female role in the partnership as like this dainty, home carer, who needs to be coddled and denied privileges. Like…


Go fuck Yourself with that bullshit. Don’t matter if you’re the sexiest man alive if every woman you know is like “I want to have a job” and you pull out your song lyrics like “nope, clearly says right here that you get to find the spot. As in shop for the house, because women like that sort of thing and I pay for it”

I mean I know he means it in a perfectly heteronormative cis/male way….

Which is what’s so fucking gross about it because um…that culture isn’t cool and it shouldn’t exist. Just because it does, isn’t a reason it ever should.

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