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Him: *to a captive audience in a passenger seat* I could never live here. Women in the Bay Area are so stuck up and pretentious. Every time I texted ortalked to them they kept saying I’ve offended them.

Me: *with my rainbow hair, tattoos, piercings, nose ring, guitar earrings, and my Bowie t-shirt.* You’ve offended me just saying that, you prick. Women don’t exist to provide you with entertainment. If we’ve offended you, it’s because we are educated, self-possessed, and don’t put up with your misogynistic bullshit. So maybe go home since we aren’t going to stroke your ego?



It’s like watching someone deliberately walk into a bear trap

Oh no it’s worse than that. Because then he went on and on about the things I care about:

1. Bourbon

2. Cheating on his wife to visit his second family, though his ex wife was a lawyer

3. Superheroes. Do not test me. I will fucking end you.

4. Spousal rape. “She took her pants off and said ‘get it over with’l

And me: like wtf dude, stop talking to me. I eventually put in headphones and quit listening.

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