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this changed me as a person

I’m in tears!

I just want to know how the writers of snl knew about my very specific sexual fantasy

my soul: saved 

One of my favourites

the shot of a pizza roll dragging across bare skin fucking kills me

EDIT: Okay, as it turns out I actually have Feels about this.

“What’s your name?”
“I’ve never had one.”

Not only is this objectively the funniest line in the entire thing, but it also speaks to something deeper. Like, every bit guy who was in one scene gets a name. But not her, the ostensible star of the commercial. She exists only to feed her Hungry Guys. Her name is “Babe, we need more Totinos!”

That actually says… kinda a lot about heteronormativity and marketing.

They did two previous ones of these and, no, she never did have a name.

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